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Robofission Labs

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In Movie Advertising

In movie advertising is an emerging field where companies use movies to market their brands, products or services. The most important reason why companies tend to use movies is because of the peculiarity with them, no matter how many times the viewer goes back the company will never know the ending of their advertisement.


Once there is an advertisement embedded into a movie the viewer is richly affected by the advertisement. Recall of the advertisements are a lot higher in movies compared to any other field including the other emerging fields like Indian premier league, English premier league etc.

To order this book please pay Rs 300/- by Paytm by scanning the qr code. The amount is including shipping cost to your address in India. Please send us your postal address with PINCODE to or whatsapp it to +91 9980158320 after payment.


Robofission Labs is a company that provides product placement in movies to a vast number of companies, brands, products, services etc in India. Some of our esteemed clients include IISC, IITs, NITs, BITs, VIT etc. 

If you are interested in knowing more about our product placement in movies services please feel free to drop a mail on or contact us on +91 9980158320.

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