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Robofission Labs

Postal Address - No 97, 3rd main road, PP Layout, Uttarahalli, Bangalore, Karnataka, India - 560061

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Tel - 08026730070 / +91 9980158320 for instant answers

About Us

Robofission Labs started in 2012 is an emerging Import & Sale company that does ground breaking research to provide basic necessities of people concerning electric cars. We are the only company in Bangalore, India that enables some of the most innovative concepts worldwide to reach the common man. 

Using our professional Business Support Services to Import valuable goods we can link people with businesses and provide a leverage that will suitably enhance optimum business growth while simulatneously keeping people engaged in preserving the green environment. 

We have 2 patents pending at the Indian Patent Office 201641004707 & 201641004708. Our patented ideas are only to benefit mankind. Currently we are providing at 3 Seater Electric Car to people and businesses in India.