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All orders need a minimum of 60 days for delivery in India. Orders outside India will need 60 days as usual. However the buyer needs to look in detail to the customs and transportation as it will be difficult for us to help the transportation till the doorstep. 


Robofission Labs does not service the vehicle and the owner should at all points of time take good care of the Electric Buses. Should any part ware out then the owner needs to request a replacement part for which owner has to pay. If the part is on warranty then the buyer has to pay the shipment for the replacement. 


Registration Certificate & Insurance for the vehicle has to be taken care of by the owner. 


The sales and services of the Electric Buses are purely at the discretion of Robofission Labs at all points of time. We are not the people who provide 1 year or 10,000 kms warranty on the electric buses. The warranty is given by Shenzhen Marshell Electric Co Ltd from China. We are only importers of that product and can utomost mediate the warranty and help coordinate. 


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